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An Educated Person Can Make Informed Decisions

Our duty is to provide objective advice that enhances the likelihood of attaining financial security. The process begins with education and ends with cooperation. We need to learn a great deal about the client - not only their financial affairs but also their personality, their aspirations and their expectations. The client needs to learn a great deal about the financial planning process, the role of the advisor, the consequences of various planning strategies and the importance of a long-term approach to implementing the plan and managing financial assets.

Think of the process as making a decision to take an extended vacation. The starting point is determining "Where am I right now?" This would involve reviewing your current financial situation to decide if you have time available for a vacation, what type of vacation you can afford, considering your likes and interests in order to select a vacation destination, selecting the type of activities and amenities you want available at your destination and finally setting up an itinerary to get you there. The "starting point", your current financial situation, is the only fixed element in the process. All the other elements of the trip - the ultimate destination, the lifestyle at the destination and the route you follow to get there - will likely change as you proceed on your journey.

We serve as your "travel agent" for this journey. To successfully assist you in designing and implementing your itinerary, we need to understand all the variables that impacted your decision - current financial situation, personality, likes and dislikes, goals. We will have several meetings with you to obtain an understanding of these factors prior to proposing a financial plan to help you attain those goals. You make the ultimate decision to adopt all or portions of the plan - our duty is to ensure you have received all the information necessary for you to make an educated and appropriate decision. We will work with you to implement the plan which will frequently require the involvement of other professionals, such as attorneys, insurance consultants, and bankers. Finally, we will meet and consult with you on a regular, continuous basis to ensure needed adjustments are made as your circumstances change.

The journey is arduous but the rewards are not merely worthwhile, they are crucial. Remember, this is not simply a vacation - we are planning for the financial security and well being of you and your family. Every journey starts with a first step and this journey is no different. The first step is to realize the importance of having a well designed plan to follow. We hope your second step will be to choose us to be your travel companion.