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Dynamic Financial Plans and Investment Programs

We believe a successful financial plan must be a cooperative effort between the advisor and client. The program must be modified as the client's financial and personal goals change. Only through frequent and thorough interaction can we ensure the plan will respond effectively to those changes. Our process inherently provides this interaction.

  1. Through personal consultations with you, we develop a personal profile of your financial goals and objectives. We also establish parameters for your investment profile, such as risk tolerance, time horizon and attitudes. 
  2. We develop a personal financial plan based on your needs and objectives. This plan identifies your priorities and specific action to address the issues. We create an investment policy statement based on your objectives. This policy maximizes your investment returns relative to your risk tolerance by a balanced and diversified allocation of assets. 
  3. We implement your financial plan using the assistance of other professionals where needed. Your investment allocation is implemented by investing in a diversified portfolio managed by preeminent institutional money management firms. 
  4. Your financial plan is monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure you are on the correct path. Revisions are implemented when appropriate. The management of your investment portfolio is reviewed to ensure it remains consistent with your allocation policy. We rebalance if the relative value of investments in your portfolio become inconsistent with this policy. 
  5. We will communicate with you on a regular basis to review the status of your financial circumstances. We will provide a comprehensive reporting package for your investment portfolio including performance reports and details of your account.