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Professional Services and Fees

Financial Planning Services

We provide comprehensive fee-based financial planning services to our clients. We also provide issue-specific engagements where the scope of the service and the issues being addressed are limited. Financial planning services are provided under flat-fee or hourly-rate engagements. The fees are negotiable depending upon the nature of the engagement, the complexity of the issues and our relationship with the client. Additional information about our services and fees is available in our filing with the State of Florida. We will gladly provide you a copy upon request.

A sampling of the financial planning services offered includes:

  • Comprehensive planning including cash flow and budgeting information.
  • Retirement planning including tax-advantaged savings programs
  • Wealth transfer planning including business succession and charitable giving
  • Design of strategies to reduce the impact of income taxes

Investment Advisory Services

We offer different types of investment advisory services. These services include small investment related consultations as well as comprehensive asset management programs. The fees for these services are negotiable depending upon the nature of the engagement and the amount of assets involved. Generally small engagements are charged on an hourly basis whereas the fee for asset management programs is calculated as a percentage of assets under management.

Some of the services that would typically fall under the consulting model include:

  • Risk tolerance analysis
  • Investor education regarding investment alternatives
  • Analysis of specific investments and/or mutual funds
  • Assist in rebalancing of portfolio
  • Analysis of existing portfolio and recommendations

Asset management programs are more comprehensive. In addition to the above services we typically undertake a comprehensive goals analysis to determine the client's risk tolerance and performance goals. Based on the investment policy arising from those analyses, we would:

  • Create a written Investment Policy Statement which directs investment decisions
  • Design a balanced and diversified portfolio with specific measurement standards
  • Select specialist money managers to support your portfolio
  • Monitor the performance of the money managers and review them with you
  • Provide quarterly performance evaluation of the managers and portfolio
  • Meet with you annually to review the portfolio and re-balance as necessary